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Thread: Hi, I'm new here... please be nice? :)

  1. Default Hi, I'm new here... please be nice? :)

    Hi Guys, thanks for letting me force my way into your club, is there a secret handshake?

    Currently drive a standard Mazda 3 BK Maxx Sport, have had it for almost 11 years now and now looking into getting a used current BL MPS, I miss some oomph as my previous drive used to be a slightly modified Gold GTI MkII. Hopefully I'll get some tips on service costs and things I should look out for before buying one?

    Thanks for having me!

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    Welcome 😊 Good luck with your search. There's usually one or two cars up for sale around here. Just look around the forum menus, you'll find the way. I found the beginners section pretty helpful to get your head into what's available and clue you in on a few necessary but logical rules as to posting etc...

    Have a good one and cheers 😜

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    Welcome and good luck with your search. There is plenty of oomph to be had. Have a look here for some general things to keep an eye out for.

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    Welcome! Nice choice and all the best with your car hunting ☺

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Buy a low KM example with service books.

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