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Thread: New to the MPS club! Need help please!

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    Default New to the MPS club! Need help please!

    Hi guys, and gals!

    My name is Stuart,
    I've recently just purchased an 05 MPS 6.
    I love driving it, it's responsive, it handles great and just awesome in general.

    But I have a problem, recently I've been smelling very strong fuel fumes in the car whilst driving, turning on the A/C only makes it worse. What could it possibly be? I'm no mechanic but am capable of looking in the engine bay and finding my way around. Any help would be appreciated!

    It hasn't been modded at all it's completely stock.

    thanks in advance!!

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    These run 1800psi of fuel pressure from the cam driven fuel pump. Have a look at all the fuel hoses and pipes and connections from the pump to the injectors.

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    Thanks Ozy!

    turns out it was my own stupidity, didn't turn the oil cap till it clicked and it popped.... Now I have a lovely oily mess to clean up... In need of a good detailer to do the engine bay....

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    Glad you found it
    Hopefully nothing bad came of it other than dirty engine bay!

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    Red face

    it did spew a bit of oil but only over one side, most was caught by the heat shroud on the hood.... But let's hope the belts didn't go swimming....

    did degrease what I could and wiped it down too so let's hope that's the end of that other than a trip to the detailer

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