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Thread: New MPS 6 Owner from Germany

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    Default New MPS 6 Owner from Germany

    I am a new member of this community and I think it's time to introduce myself. My name is Dennis, I'm 29 years old and from Germany.
    My main hobby are fast japanese cars. My first love was a Toyota Supra MK III, which I have seen on my way back home from elementary school. This was a very formative moment I guess.

    Till now I owned seven cars by my own. Six japanese ones and of swedish one. All of them had a turbocharged engine because I was never a big fan of natural aspirated engines. I will always admit that the sound of a tuned natural aspirated engine is unrivaled but the power charateristics *aren't very impressive for my taste.

    Till now I owned the following cars:

    1994 Nissan 200SX RS13 (LHD) (RWD)
    169 PS / 224 NM

    1991 Nissan 200SX RS13 (LHD) (RWD)
    169 PS / 224NM

    1992 Nissan 200SX RS13 (LHD) (RWD)
    290-320 PS / 350-370 NM

    2003 Subaru Wrx Sti Type UK (RHD) (AWD)
    360 PS / 490 NM

    2008 Mazda CX-7 2.3 DISI (LHD) (AWD)
    260 PS / 380 NM

    2004 Volvo S40 T5 (LHD) (FWD)
    220 PS / 320 NM

    2007 Mazda 6 MPS Type UK (RHD) (AWD)
    260 PS / 380 NM

    I have no real priority between a left-hand or right-hand drive car and till now I was kindly open to four drive concepts. Finally for me all-wheel drive is the right way to go. I really had a lot of fun with basically all cars. Especially with the permanent all-wheel drive system of the Subaru.

    I was still a little bit disappointed by the CX-7 because the reaction time of the electronical all-wheel drive system was a way to slow for my taste. Furthermore I learned that front-wheel drive cars aren't a good choice for me. Although the Volvo had a lot of power after tyres got grip.

    I think that I am a typical german guy, cars must we well keept and for one car I spent houndred hours of work. My new baby is a Mazda again. I bought the car in Great Britain one year ago and imported it by myself. It had one former owner and was garaged every winter and bad weather. Last one was it's first one. The body work is really fine and the mileage is just 63.000 kilometers till now. No rust or something else, it's just a wonderful kept black mica vehicle.

    I bought it with standard specs. A shark antenna was mounted and set of RX-8 alloys and 225/40 tyres were mounted but due to the worse german Tuev I had to mount the original alloys again. Till now there were no special modifications. Just a GFB blow off valve but a lot of modifications are planned. I was never a huge fan of standard specs.

    This week I received a new set of Bilstein B8 dampers. I think the body could sit a little bit lower but due to a slipped disc in my back I have to be careful with rough stiffness. I am still in process to decide between Eibach and H&R springs. Eibach should be the safest choice but I'm not very impressed by the depth. I think H&R is the right choose for my taste. In combination with Bilstein B8 dampers not really to deep.

    Old pictures:

    New pictures:

    My new winter alloys: (Powdercoated soon)

    My former Subaru:

    My former third Nissan:

    The reason why I registered my account? I see it as a possibility to discuss with some MPS enthusiasts from oversea. We still have some discussion boards in Germany or UK but I prefer the bigger ones in Australia and America. In the past I bought a lot of parts from oversea and I had very nice discussions as well. I think it's just the right choice.

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    Quite a history. Welcome

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    That's a very tidy 6MPS.

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    Hey mate, welcome! where are you located?
    What is the issue you see with the eibach springs ? You don't think they will be low enough?

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    I am located in Essen. It is 30 kilometers far away from Dsseldorf airport or the famous football club Borussia Dortmund. It is not very far away from the dutch boarder maybe 60 kilometers. A very big company is located here, too. Thyssen Krupp big manufacturer for steal.

    Regarding the Eibach springs I am afraid that they won't be low enough in combination with the shortened Bilstein B8 dampers. Some people have also written that the springs are very soft and causing bounces. I am a little bit confused which one are the better buy.

    The Eibach springs are progressive in the front that is a little advantage for me on the other side the rears are a little bit stiffer than the H&R's.


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    Technical data sheets:


    FA: Beginn spring rate 40 N/mm / End spring rate 50+-2,5 N/mm
    RA: Spring rate 45 +- 2,3 N/mm
    Axle load f/r in kg: 1135 / 1100

    Front axle: (progressive)
    Wire- in mm: 13,75
    Windings: 8,4
    Lentgh in mm (free-length): 340

    Rear axle: (linear)
    Wire- in mm: 14,0
    Windings: 6,4
    Length in mm (free-length): 280


    FA: 45 N/mm
    RA: 41 N/mm
    Axle load f/r in kg: 1135 / 1095

    Front axle: (linear)
    Wire- in mm: 13,0
    Windings: 8,4
    Length in mm (free-length): 328/335

    Rear axle: (linear)
    Wire- in mm: 13,5
    Windings: 6,2
    Lengt in mm (free-length): 300


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    That's some great info!

    I just fitted up Eibach and Bilstein shocks to my 6. I am really happy with them. Although they aren't super low, they are going to really suit where I do most of my driving down in the south west. Fantastic ride.

    I had previously had Kings Springs (Australian brand) over stock shocks, these where a linear spring which felt did feel a little jittery at times over any dodgy roads.

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