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Thread: Manhattan carpark....

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    90% sure that the VW/Audi internals are the same.

    Also Diirps don't have the best reputation around here FYI.

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    Rep or not, perhaps they have turned over a new leaf..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nas711 View Post
    Rep or not, perhaps they have turned over a new leaf..
    Last year they claimed to be under new management, a "Daniel carbon"
    It was shown to be a lie...
    We even obtained asic documents (freely available if you pay the money) to get the owner information, still showed it was Aaron and Daniel...

    Early last year they were still telling lies... So, unless a new leaf has been turned since then, don't know, still don't trust them...
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    Fair enough. I only order small stuff like spark plugs etc from them. Order comes in a few days. They are my last resort though...edge or corky all the way.

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