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Thread: Newbie in Cairns qld

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    H guys. Good site here. Really helped persuade me to get an MPS. I have just bought a 2010 MPS3 in stock as rock condition, well not for long.
    im really keen to start getting a lot more performance out of it and playing around with it on the dyno at work. Really keen to find out a lot more about these cars and see who else is out there in this neck of the woods(cairns that is).


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    Hi Mate, and welcome!! There are a couple of us up here in Cairns, I've been hanging out for some more people up here - its been getting a little lonely haha. Where abouts are you located? Looking forward to seeing what you do to your MPS. You have a Dyno at your work, Where is this as I'd be interested in coming and using it also as I am yet to do so.

    Hopefully we'll be organising another meet at some point so we'll let you know. Look forward to meeting you

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    Sweet. I have seen a few getting around lately. I am only in Bayview height so not far from the city but always driving the ranges or beaches because it's soo much fun. I'm keen to start modding it and see what power figures it can make. I work at l.k motors. So keen to put it on the dyno and see how good the car is going and make some improvements. Most likely going to go Cobb access port first up. Otherwise ecutek as we are a dealer for them with work.

    Let us know about any meets I will be keen to come. Also if you, or some people you may know want to have some fun with your cars I also help organise the bitumen series up here. We used to race at mako but now we are doing a heap of them at the Showgrounds. It's $60 and is good fun for a day with your car and also showing up a lot of v8's.

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    Awesome!! I've started seeing more of them around as well but not many people are on the forum - I struggle to even get a wave from most. It's good you mentioned about your work as I've been looking at taking my car somewhere else for servicing etc as I'm not too happy with the places I've been to. I actually came in today and spoke with the guy on the desk (I can't remember his name) but I'll most likely book mine in there when my next service is due.

    That bitumen series sounds like good fun, I've got a mate who owns an xr8 so I'll see if he wants to come along and maybe a couple of the other guys with their MPS'

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