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    Hi All, I've just purchased a 2008 MPS 3 and seems the previous owner had removed some performance parts from it and now I have gotten 2 different engine lights come on and the codes have been over boosting and over fuelling. The dealer has removed the codes however the car continues to break down under boost. I have a COBB sri intake and COBB V3 coming hopefully the V3 will sort out the tuning issues and was wondering if anyone can think of anything else I could do? I'm trying to get the dealer to contact the previous owner to see what has been removed.

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    Given you had misfires previously and now this, I wouldn't drive it till the ap arrives. You could maybe find out what the previous owner had on and if it was tuned (hopefully the ecu isn't locked!)?

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    Thanks Lachlan, well this misfire was the first code which was over boosting (that was my inexperience) I'm just hoping the sri and AP will solve this issue. I've been in contact with the dealer to try and find what was removed and whether or not it was tuned

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