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Thread: New 6 MPS owner from NZ

  1. Default New 6 MPS owner from NZ

    Hi just joined from NZ. Bought a Silver 2005 6 MPS about a month ago. Came on 18" work wheels other than that stock as a rock. Had some jamex springs and a JBR RMM put in and am waiting for my Accessport to arrive from the states.

    Eventually plan to get some coilovers and 19's and slam it.

    Pretty happy so far except it has the stutter after 2nd to 3rd wot change.

    This is the day i bought it

    And after the jamex springs

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    Nice car man. Looks good! What'd you pay for it out of curiosity, seems the MPS market is all over the show! Let me know how the accessport goes for you. Wouldn't mind meeting up one day for a chat!

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    Yeah man sounds good. Payed 15K from a car yard with 103,000k's. Most of them were 15K + from yards. I looked at one on trademe that ended up going for a little cheaper 13.5k i think but it wasn't as tidy and a few things seemed off to me.

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    I got mine for 13k on an auction. It needs a few little things. Came with a 2 year mechanical warranty though so thats peace of mind. Needs the mounts changed I think, can hear a bit of creaking from the engine bay under load. Also does the usual VVT chain rattle on cold start up. Seems decent aside from that. Picked up the BBS wheels for $620 since. It also came on Jamex Superlows.

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    That's probably the one i looked at first, was it from out pukekohe ways? I was a little put off by the fact it was a young dude that had only owned it for 3 months after buying it from a car yard in the tron, he didn't meet me at his house and i wasn't sure if the warranty was transferable as a lot aren't. It drove nice though and was faster than the one i bought. He said it had a new computer but didn't know anything about it. Also sits lower on the jamex than mine haha

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    Yeah thats the one. Doesn't have a new computer from what I can see. Yet to crack open the case though. I met him at his house. I got the warranty transferred for $130 (which I had to pay according to him after saying it came with it, moron). I think it runs Mazda 6 springs not Mazda 6 MPS which I think is heavier, so yeah it sits quite low!

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    Ahh buzzy haha. Sweet that the warranty was transferable. I didn't bother with a warranty because most of them won't let you change a thing without voiding it and there was no way i was rolling factory height. Mine is on mazda 6 springs aswell they have come down a little since install hoping they might come down a little more. Can always be lower haha

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