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Thread: Hi Everyone!!

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    Default Hi Everyone!!

    I have just bought my first (but won't be the last!!) Mazda MPS WOW what a great car!! Looking forward to learning and chatting about it. Quick question would anyone have any idea's about getting a new set of MPS Floor matts? Thanks oh and great site looking forward to contributing - Paul

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    Welcome mate 3 or 6 mps?

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    welcome mate

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    Thanks!! what a great site I have a 2008 MPS Mazda 3 thanks !!

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    Thanks I'm really looking forward to getting into this site looks great!

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    welcome and congrats on the purchase

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    Hi,my friend.Welcome.Hope you have a good time.

    l90 schutzhülle
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    Thanks not having the best time at the moment as my MPS has just developed a stutter (best way to describe it) under load annnnd now the engine light has come on

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    Where abouts are you located Hicksy? There should be a few people around who would lend you an AP to code troubleshoot.

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