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Thread: new 6 MPS owner upgrading from regular 6

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    Default new 6 MPS owner upgrading from regular 6

    Hi all,

    Just bought a 06 Mazda 6 MPS with 45,000 on the clock in kickass (velocity) red.
    Previous car was a 06 mazda 6 classic sports. It just clapped out with 250,000 on the clock so bring on the MPS !!!

    am picking up the car in a couple of days will post pics soon


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    That's low km! Welcome

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    Super low km! Might be the lowest around. Mine has 150,000 :P

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    yeah its in mint condition was probably a weekend only car.

    I did see a white one with 36,000km on it. It had some rear crash damage that didn't look like it was fixed properly, and the interior was torn up I'm guessing from glass shards and the airbags going off around the drivers seat.

    It has a turbo timer but i could not see any other mods. Is there any way of telling if it has been ECU flashed if the dealer doesn't know anything about it?

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    Holy low Km's batman :O

    6's get the chicks You won't be disappointed. I love mine.

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