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Thread: New '06 MPS3 owner eastern suburbs

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    Yeah must of been me I was up that way late last week so could be, I haven't seen any bar the red one and a black one at work, if you even head down to the Manhattan you'll see my car it's where I spend all my time haha

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    Oh no, not Friday nights I hope haha. Adam 21 (I think thats what it was called) still playing there?

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    Oh god no haha more the Dan Murphy's i work at. i haven't been there for ages but apparently there karaoke on a Saturday night now

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    Oh thank god. I been there a few times, but i'm getting too old for the 16 year old tarts that dominate the place. Last time I was there some guy wanted to fight me as I was eating a hot dog from the idea, he was pretty wasted I guess. Who do you/ will you go to service the mps? I am a bit worried with my old mechanic who serviced my sp23 as they like to plug it in to stuff to tune and I am running a custom tune. HPF is a bit far for servicing (dandenong). Mazda is a rip off ...So i dunno where to go anymore..

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    haha yeah it breads some weird people and they like coming into work too :\ im not too sure ive got a few friends at mazda that i might go too at least for the first service but ive seen revzone in Ringwood seem to be good, just up the road on Molan street off heatherdale, no idea though i was hoping someone here would know haha

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    I work at the manhattan so know all about it haha. I took my car to revzone for its one and only service whilst I've had it and would recommend them. They'll do whatever you ask and recommend what's best if need be. Owen does all the front counter stuff and is very helpful, knows a fair bit about the mps considering I don't think they work on many.

    I can see a mini eastern suburbs mps crew forming here we should organise a cruise.

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    Haha so you would of seen my car around a bit then, I saw a red mps6 out the back of the Manhattan today weird spoiler on the back, so revzone sounds good then,

    yeah that sounds good,should get something going, sounds like all MPS crews are mini haha

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    Yeah happy to do that...Ill look into revzone thanks. I haven't seen may gen 1's around, but thats because they are super hard to spot with no bonnet scoop.

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    yeah me either only 1 so far, i think id rather it like that looks more like a sleeper that way, pull up next to someone and they think you just have a stranded mazda 3, its awesome!

    Revzone looks like the way to go then nice and close as well!

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    well my plates are "spoool" so flash if you see me!

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    Yeh not sure what's going on with that red mazda6 it's one of the cooks from the pub and it's just riced up as they say. Didn't even make a mps for that model and got mazdaspeed 6 badges on it. Bizarre taste.

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    Yeah I will, no custom plates for me yet

    yeah riced up I really don't understand that, but I guess people like that haha

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    Anyone on here own the "GRRR" white mps 3 cruising eastern suburbs?

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    Saw another Red gen2 MPS today cruising the Warby highway. I thought I was the only 1! Eastern represent is growing!

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    average day for it bit wet out, need to go for a cruise soon

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    Just got cp-e top mount and tune...ready for winter!

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    Hey fellow Ringwoodians
    I'm the black debadged gen1 on wantirna rd.
    Installing BNR s3, tr8L FMIC with underbody mounted pipes, cpe dp, PG exhaust manifold and JBR 3" intake on queens bday.
    I work at Kmart tyre and auto if you guys need any tyres, we beat any quoted price around
    I'm also available to install any mods or even just service your MPS's for a lot less than KTAS/RevZone
    +1 for Cruise
    Last edited by Chady; 31-05-2015 at 03:15 PM.

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    Hi guys, I'm just around the corner in Mitcham, and drive a Red Gen 1. I have only seen a chick driving a Cosmic Blue Gen 1 near the Westpac in Ringwood. Seems like a lot around the area going by what everyone is saying!

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    More and more keep popping up love it! When did you see that?

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    Was a while ago, probably 4months at least. It was lowered with black wheels and a fmic. Looked nice.

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