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Thread: Mps3 newbie

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    Hey guys just bought an 07 mps3 i love it to bits was a bit worried about the handling / performance side of things as i sold my r33 GTR to buy this. Should have i been worried? Not at all the car is awsome to drive and just great all round


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    They handle just fine with an upgraded rear sway bar and sticky tires

    What other worries you have?
    If you're after 300+kW/10 second quarter miles, you've bought the wrong car...

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    No after something quick but more sensible for my fiance and i to both drive and maybe have a baby in the back of in the next year or two really think i have chosen the right car literally in love

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    Hi Mazdabator

    I did the same thing as you. sold my r33 with some ca$$$h extra in the bank and got a 07 mps 3
    im also looking at mods, this forum is great!!!, bit like SAU was back in the day.

    im thinking boost, maybe dump pipe and tune so im heard...
    does anyone know how much boost the stock engine can handle before breaking things.
    lets go with a safe boost. my r33 was running 25psi

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