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Thread: Just got a 09 MPS without even seeing it

  1. Default Just got a 09 MPS without even seeing it

    Ok, may sound a bit crazy but when you want something and you find it at a decent price you jump in right?

    Story is, car has been seen online, paid for, is getting on a truck from Perth bound for Gold Coast on Monday, cant wait! Downside, have to wait 9-14 business days. They better not pull some crap and make it longer just because Christmas is around the corner.

    Anyway, ex- toyota 86 owner here, had it for just over a year and loved it, but thought i'd downgrade a little and got the MPS. Shouldnt say downgrade, just take a step to the side, and upside down, and flip...well I guess they are pretty different, but both have their goods and bads.

    Back to not being able to wait, have already purchased Autotech internals and again, havent even seen the car yet!

    Cant wait to get back in to turbo and start doing some mods!
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    Haha 86 vs a MPS... It'll blow the doors off an 86 :P

    welcome! Hope you enjoy the car

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    Thanks mate, im sure it will hence why I decided to swap. Was going to go the turbo option on the 86, but decided to get rid of the loan on it instead.

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    Not to mention 4 doors with so much HATCH SPACE!!! Much more comfortable for passengers and taking luggage/IKEA flat packs around.

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    Not sure Ikea gear is going to be lugged around but maybe...just thinking extra weight, so slower car and all haha

    Updating that an AP is mine now, who wants to sell me a SRI? preferably in SE QLD

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    i did the same... bought my 6 from victoria from member here with out seeing it. had a inspection and shipped to sydney

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    Looks Good!

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    Let us know how the change from the 86 to mps was. theyre completely opposite cars

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    So the car arrived yesterday, picked it up from the holding yard and drove it down to the mechanic to get a roadworthy. First thing i noticd was massive noise from what I thought were worn hubs, but when i got there we realised the tyres were at their limits and uneven. Brand new set of tyres later, and im still yet to test it again. A massive storm hit last night so decided to leave it there until this morning.

    First impressions are that its got more power obviously, but the 86 is definitely a car id feel more confident in. Doesnt seem as "balanced" as an 86. Maybe I still just have to get used to it. Will keep you updated after I get it back again today.

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    About 2/3 of the weight is over the front wheels, so it's no surprise it doesn't feel as balanced (vs 50:50)

    A stiffer rear sway bar does help with balance and reducing understeer a fair bit.

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    Buying an MPS without getting it checked is very risky, considering vvt/ chain and smokey turbo is an expensive fix

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    As sarcastic said a RSB will help and REM as well

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    Just waiting for the storm to pass and will install REM today. How do you check the vvt/chain to see if ok? The turbo isnt smokey at all. Im not sure if just me but they dont seem that quick stock. I know it is, but just doesnt seem to put you in your seat like some of the previous cars ive owned. I need more power!!!

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