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Thread: Silver Mazda 6 MPS (Ballarat)

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    Hey guys, just thought I'd introduce myself and also ask a few things in the process. First of all, I have owned my MPS6 for about 2 months now, bought it from a guy in St Albans. Previous owner/s have installed Remus Catback Exhaust, Unknown lowering springs (I'll have to suss them out one day), Black LED tail lights and some random flipout chinese dvd/nav screen that replaces the pocket above the aircon/stereo. The car has around 123,500km on the clock and runs smoothly. Although, when installing my JBR intake, I discovered plenty of sludge in the intake and also a fair bit of shaft play, so I am expecting to need new turbo seals shortly. There also seems to be a small amount of oil seepage around the gear selector shaft. Other than that, it is leak/problem free!

    Anyway, I don't have many good photos but I'll just throw a few quick ones in.

    Next to my other car, which is a bit worn out but still chugs along.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Boost gauge I installed into the heater vent.
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    JBR Stage 2 intake I installed
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome! Come along to the meets and bring that....there are only about 4 of us with mps6s in vic :P

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    Where and when are the meets? Sorry for my ignorance, only new here obviously haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maaaadzda View Post
    Where and when are the meets? Sorry for my ignorance, only new here obviously haha
    Melbourne Monthly Meet - 19th November - MEAT MOTHER MEET
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    I'm sure there would be a million threads on this, but what is the most reliable power you can get out of a MPS6? Ideally I'd like around 220kw at all fours. Will this be pushing the stock rods too far? Also, my turbo is almost in need of replacement due to the infamous seal issues, I was looking into getting this replacement but was unsure of the quality, some people think they are an awesome bang for buck brand, a small few have issues as with any brand though.

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    220kw at all 4 is fine for stock rods. Can be done with k04 as well. I'm running 200 but did do 230kw with my mods.....but used too much fuel and I'm worried about the clutch...

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    Awesome, my benchmark is to keep up with most Commodores and Falcons, or beat them. Given that my dad owns a BA XR8 that supposedly does 0-100 in the same time as an mps6, 220kw at all fours should make him cry.

    As as for the turbo replacement, does anyone have any insight on that turbo? Apparently they are a decent brand and it's only about $150 more than a standard k04.

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    Don't know about that turbo, but mine with 200 beats my mates xr8 BA.

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    Someone had one, think it was the same a stock, he wouldn't suggest another...

    Go with a bnr turbo... S1 is a fine stock replacement... Or s3 if you want more grunt...

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    Maybe I'll just run the stock turbo until it dies. It's not overly bad yet. It has a small amount of shaft play but not ridiculous amounts, could just be because they car wasn't running being a journal bearing.

    Anyway, looking at getting an eBay dump pipe and weld in a cat myself. I can't justify spending $400 on just shipping for the Corksport catted down pipe. I'd love too but that's money I could spend on hpfp and an AP.

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    So this bugger finally arrived. Overkill? Certainly. But that's what I wanted. Was pretty sick of the poor power and response after sitting in traffic for 30secs, top mount gets far too hot. If I can't touch it after that car is running, then I think that is far too warm for an intercooler.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Promptly painted the core black because I really don't like chrome in the grill of the MPS6, I don't think it suits it..
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Starting to think maybe this thread should be moved to the "Member's Rides" section, so if that's something that the Moderators want to do, that's cool with me. Just saves me starting a new thread

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