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Thread: New here and need a wiring diagram

  1. Default New here and need a wiring diagram

    need a wiring diagram for a 2006 3 mps searched the forums but couldn't find anything

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    wiring diagram for? ECU? Headunit?

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    the whole car would be nice but will take one for all the dash ? incl cluster , headunit , fuse box

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    Need more info. What for? What are you trying to do?

    Head unit - the god of google will provide in <10 mins
    Fuse box- it's in the user manual
    IC/dash - google? Also, the entire service manuals are available in the VIP section.

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    Im trying to wire up my boost gauge lighting I need a 12v constant , ground & headlight on/off

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    Cigarette lighter has a light in it that turns on with headlights, or there is a light there somewhere. Get the 12v from the main fuse panel above the passenger footwell, generally the thicker wires are the constant 12v, use a multimeter to find it then splice it.

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    Glove box also has a light in that can be used for that source

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    You can get fuse taps (replacement fuse with an extra wire running off it) from jaycar that don't require splicing. With a $10 dmm, the fuse box diagram from the manual and some common sense you can figure out what to tap easily.

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