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Thread: Another 6 MPS

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    Default Another 6 MPS

    Hi all, figured i'd finally sign up after getting myself a 6 MPS a couple of months ago and found I kept coming back here because of all the super helpful info.

    Absolutely loving it so far.

    Only a Cobb SRI and 2.5" catback when I got it, that'll change over time though
    First thing was to replace some of that awful BOSE audio gear - just need to find a sub suitable to replace the bose one and i'll be happy.

    Also just put installed the JBR Short shift kit and RMM today, what a difference!

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    When u find the sub...lemme know . I want to replace it also..

    Also if ur lookin for bonnet stripes look at my group buy thread black would look nice on your grey 6

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    I have a JL w3v3 12 inch in the boot, that works rather well Patched into the main bose amp and replaced it with a 5 channel and swapped all the speakers. VASTE improvement.

    Very clean 6 (makes me feel bad that mine is in dire need of a wash ), welcome to the forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizzy View Post
    I have a JL w3v3 12 inch in the boot, that works rather well
    This. The JL 12w3v3 is a nice sub for the price. They can be had quite cheap from 'elite electronics' too.

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    ahh i need my boot empty so i can fit a pram!
    any thing that can actually fit in place of that bose sub?

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    Car looks mint mate, Swap for my 2007 3 MPS? haha. Plastidip the wheels black I reckon or paint them gloss black

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    yea glossifier + black plasti!

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    Yeah definitely considering getting the wheels painted. Thinking Gunmetal or Black at this point. Need them fixed also though since a couple have some dreadful, dreadful rash. Those pics are of the best angles so you cant really see it

    For the sub, i've read that an 8" can fit in place of the BOSE amp, but its nigh on impossible finding a good sub suitable for a free air situation like that.

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