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Thread: lovin my new mps

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    Default lovin my new mps

    I just bought a new mazda 6 mps and I love it,can't get enough of it.The ex owner told me to get it serviced down at chris and troy down at 2xs,somewhere down at browns plains,qld.I've been looking up on the net trying to find a no to call to book it in for a service but can"t find a no.Just seeing if anybody know how I can get their no or does anybody know of any where else I can take it to get it serviced?

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    Hey mate. Welcome to the forum.

    You can pm @2XS, Troy, as no one here will give out his personal details.

    Troy is bit of a regular here, so I'm sure he'll be in touch.

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    Not regular enough anymore.

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    tru that to the above... join the FB page Phil

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