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Thread: Greetings from MPS newbie gen 1

  1. Default Greetings from MPS newbie gen 1

    Hi guys, names tsam.
    Just recently purchased a MPS Gen1 last week.
    And im loving it, does drive like a pig in the rain probably due to my semis
    I'm excited to see what i can do with this little car
    Just recently purchased a AP V3 and a GFB BOV

    See you around

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    Armadale, Melbourne


    Good stuff and welcome @tsam. Whereabouts are you located? Plenty of guys here in vic that have gone into hiding and needed to be prodded to get out of their shell lol @slixx @HarryLuvDrift @tims @allo80

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    Thanks @mech81, welcome tsam, you'll enjoy your gen1!

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    Yeah man, im located towards the western suburbs but my daily commute takes me to docklands and down to glenferrie.
    I thought the Melbourne MPS scene was dead, only seen Sydney people living it up

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    hahah funny thing today, i thought my car needed a service because my washer fluid light kept on blinking whenever i hit boost or downshifted...
    Quickly got home all worried about the engine and turbo... read the manual.
    Cars with washer fluid lights
    the future is here buwahahah

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    I have been prodded... Ouchy

    Welcome mate. The Melbourne scene is not that active, to my disappointment.

    Great bunch of people though and wished we went out more often

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    Welcome tsam! The Melb scene is pretty quiet this year as @slixx said - but we'll get something happening soon. There is a coffee meet I think next weekend if you can make it.

    Have fun with your new toy.

    Cheers, tims

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    Your gen1 doesnt have Red wheels does it??
    Last edited by chef; 26-04-2014 at 05:47 PM.

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    nope its all stock looking
    ...for now

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