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Thread: dont hate me

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    Default dont hate me

    hello everyone

    just had my account activated so decided i would say hi.
    yes i am a New Zealander so please dont hold that against me
    well my car....i have a 2006 maz 6 mps in silver with 130000km on the clock its pretty stock at the moment apart from the forge bpv ( love the sound it makes ) and H&R springs the up coming mods are

    - autoexe tmic
    - sure motorsport TIP
    - sure motorsport return pipe
    - sure motorsport aeros sri

    gotta good deal on the above 4 items on trademe about $400 bucks including postage so should be arriving sometime over the next few days.

    i have a cobb access port and a few other things ordered RMM and a few other things ordered just waiting for the local shop to get them in for me

    then.. the dream list...

    - hpfp internals
    - front and rear sway bars
    - water/meth kit
    - turbo back exhaust
    - oil catch can
    - rear diff mounts
    - short shift and associated transmission inserts
    - and also got my eye on a nice set of lenso venom rims

    ill post up some pics as i go with the intercooler, TIP and SRI when i get em installed.
    any other mods that can be suggested without breaking the bank?
    bigger turbo and upgraded internals arnt an option at this stage but who knows,i might get the itch for more power.


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    Theres a few of us kiwis around here so don't worry, if a hater appears shootdown comments may follow. You have may favorite mps type and colour good score, how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking?

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    paid 15k for it then put 1000 bucks worth of new rubber on it straight away.. its full leather with the bose audio, the previous owner took real good care of it aye only very minor faults a couple of scratches and dents here and there but there easy fixes.

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    Hi mate. You may want to move the hpfp up the list a little, these engines don't like the whole loss of fuel pressure that a few mods can do. Especially as we are moving into winter .

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    Not a bad price I guess, definitely make the HPFP a priority. If your Auckland based, search "Dent Devil" (business name) the guy that comes to do paintless dent removal is the man. He has done 6 cars in my family over the years, he does amazing work and cant believe the dents he manages to get out.

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    WHAT are you doing on a AUSSIE forum get back to NZ!!!! Jks ... Welcome champ that mod/wish list will only grow

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