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Thread: New MPS owner in Sydney Inner West

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    Default New MPS owner in Sydney Inner West

    Hi folks

    My name's Leif. I'm the proud new owner of a BL Series 1 in Silver. It's completely stock other than some powdercoated wheels.

    Nearly three years ago, I went to a trackday with a member of this forum () and at the time, knew absolutely nothing about these cars. If you'd told me then I'd be purchasing my own in three years, I doubt i'd have believed you...

    While looking for my next car recently I test drove a Mk5 GTI, an XR5, a couple of EVO7's, and an S15. Man, what an eye opener. They've all got their pro's but for me, the MPS was the best all-rounder by some margin.

    Can't wait to learn more about them, and hopefully enjoy some track day driving in the not too distant future.

    Looking forward to seeing what other owners have learned about/done to their cars!

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    Still kinda wish you bought the damn XR5 tho.... I just want it gone!

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    @leif did you by chance ever work for iinet?

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    @skeetskeet - no I haven't mate. Unusual name though, so worth a shot...

    Reedy - someone is going to get a bargain with that car. I was very tempted to buy it on price alone!

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    Hi and Welcome!

    With Reedy, Rob, you and I we can have the entire range of Gen 2 Series 1 colours circling around Wakefield... If that's not a Mazda marketing op, I don't know what is!

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    haha no probs , Met a Leif before good guy

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    Ha! Thanks sounds quite excellent James. I look forward to it.

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    ^Thanks for the heads up skeet; request submitted!

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