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Thread: I can finally call myself an MPS owner...

  1. Default I can finally call myself an MPS owner...

    Hi guys, I just bought my first turbo car, A 2008 MPS 3 in true red. I flew down to Melbourne from Sydney and drove it back up. I didn't expect to buy something from interstate, but what started out as a joke, eventually got me a car. Unfortunately I wasn't on my full license yet, so I had to bring a mate to drive it for me, but even sitting in the passenger seat it felt amazing. So the next day I got my fulls and proceeded to get the car registered. The day after it was registered and I made sure I took her for a drive. I knew that day I'd made the right decision in buying this car, they feel so comfortable yet so powerful! it's honestly the greatest thing i've ever driven in.

    The car has the following:
    -Bilstein shock/eibach spring combo
    -powdercoated black Gen 2 wheels
    -Cobb SRI
    -Muffler delete

    So anyways, here's some pics...

    and here's when I arrived home...

    Before my MPS, this was my ride. seriously rate these cars for the amount of fun they are to drive...

    anywho that friday I attacked the car with plastidip

    As for future plans for the car, before even buying the car I wanted to immediately go stage 1 and buy the Cobb SRI, Airbox, TIP and AP as a minimum. But after driving the car I realised how nice it is already, so I won't be touching it for a while

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    Welcome to the Mps family, enjoy!

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    Very nice car....Welcome

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    Hey she looks sweet

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    Both are very nice rides, looks great!

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    Looks very nice, those GEN2 wheels suit it perfectly!

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    Welcome, Make the grill black also, got mine wrapped in vinyl

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    dip the front badge as well

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    front badge or grill? lol i had planned to do the front badge, i just forgot lol, not sure about doing the whole grill but... also gonna make the fogs yellow, get centre caps for the wheels, lube up the left axle (making a clicking sound) and i'm about to order a Cobb AP and TIP (prepping for stage 1 )

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    Welcome... we will see if you wont be doing any mods soon

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    Nice, i like it.

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    yeh that whole "I'm gonna keep it stock thing" lasted maybe about 12 days... placing my order with edge for the AP and the TIP, and then eventually when i have more funds, HPFP and an e-tune.

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    also here's a couple of photos i took with my mates evo 8 mr

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