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    Hey everyone,

    Names James, from SA and thought I would sign up and write a quick message considering I just bought a mps last week! Was looking around for about 4, 5 months. Probably looked at around 7 cars before making my purchase. Looked at gen 1's to start with but as time went by the gen 2's grew on me and now I have one sitting in my garage. It's a stock silver 09 luxury. Has done around 50,000 k's. I ended up getting 2 new tyres on it the day after because they were pretty bald and road noise was giving me a headache. Besides having to fork out 400+ bones for that and stamp duty/transfer fee, I am pretty happy. Not sure if I am going to keep it stock or do a few mods. What would be your suggestion on the first basic mods to be done?

    One problem I am trying to find a fix for is a certain noise I get when changing gears and sometimes when putting foot down. It's not a clunk/bang or metal on metal noise. More of a pop, chirp noise. I have done extensive searching but can't seem to find a fix for it. People think its the characteristics of the car but I don't believe that as I drove a 2010 luxury yesterday and it didn't make the noise. Others seem to think its one of the following.

    bushing of rear motor mount
    engine, transmission mounts
    axle shaft
    exhaust manifold/gasket
    Transmission fluid - castrol syntrans 75w85 or vmx80 seems to be preferred choice?
    mazda suggest changing this at 100k though..

    I did happen to find someone who explained the problem which is spot on to what I experience which I will paste below.

    3 conditions can replicate the noise.

    1) engine brake, then smash the gas (no use of clutch or gear shift)
    2) engaging the clutch (after a shift?) without much of a feather
    3) moving out of a gear (ie first), as it goes through neutral you get the noise as it moves into the next gear (ie second)

    as has been said, cannot replicate when stationary. i do want to point out that this is not the dull thud noise that engaging the clutch sometimes makes... its a chirp that sounds like a bushing or something.

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    Hello and welcome. Enjoy your new ride

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    If you had a 6, i could help out. In either case, welcome

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    Welcome buddy! What part of Adelaide are you in? It probably is the rear engine mount, or the rear sway bar links. I've had both make noise, currently my sway bar links make the pop noise.

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    Happy Valley mate, you?

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    another southerner! welcome to the forum! I'm over in Trott Park (near hallet cove) myself I can't think of what the problem with the noise could be unfortunately :/ but i hope to see you at the cruise this sunday *clicky here for cruise info*
    If you can't fist it, it's not big enough!

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    Ok, since your not getting much love from other 3 owners (:P), let me try.

    I think the noise you are hearing is a worn transmission engine mount, (could be one of the others though). Could also be an issue with your clutch mounting...maybe its a bit lose and clunking around when you engage gears....

    You wont be able to replicate the issue at stationary because there wont be any torque applied from the engine.

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    Welcome! Always good to have another SA member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by haveheart View Post
    Happy Valley mate, you?
    I'm out on the other side of town, Oakden. If you can manage to get out to the cruise I wouldn't be surprised if someone could diagnose it for you. The rear engine mount is most likely to be the cause.

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    I can get it to make the noise at very low speeds, low revs when there is not much torque. Usually happens changing in and out of gears, or when I am applying the gas when releasing clutch. Sometimes when in 3rd or 4th coasting and tap the gas it does it too. I guess there is a number of things it could be. It's very annoying. I don't know whether to take it to mazda or to a local mechanic either..

    Yeah, I don't see many mps around my area. Hopefully I can make it sunday. If not I will try and just pop around to the hub car park for half hour

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    Hmmm, go to the meet if you can and see if someone can diagnose it for you.

    Taking to mazda might require a small personal loan....

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    Sounds like it could be the Rear Engine Mount. The inertia of the engine combined with the slop of the stock engine mounts might be the culprit.

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    You wouldn't believe this but i called on 07/02 inquiring about this vehicle and it was SOLD!! *Shakes fist*

    ....So i flew to Melb this last Tuesday and bought a 2012 MPS. Adelaide is so small.

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    haha really? I picked it up on the 5th! I think there is only 1 lux in Adelaide for sale at the moment. Which one from Melbourne did you get? I had a good search online for ones in Melbourne but this one popped up which I was stoked about!

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    Yeah.....I was pretty disappointed when she said it was sold. lol

    I bought the Pearl white 2012 MPS with the black vinyl roof, i was already planning on doing it, so it worked out well. Also really considered the Silver one thats still on there, but the one i got was 2 years younger and only had 20,000kms. Plus the white is a rarer colour on the MPS since they replaced the Blue in 2011, so that made my mind.

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    The silver one for 22k or the 2012 one? How was the drive back to Adelaide? You would have had to sort out insurance before you drove it back hey? Is it easy to get it rego changed over to SA? Sounds like you got a good buy! Happy with it?

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    Nah the Silver 2010 one for 27.5k

    Drive back was good, luckily my gf was with me or i would have fallen a sleep Hahaha. Yeah insurance wise, you just need a cover note, I actually havent rego'd it yet, in SA (next week) but it should be quite easy. They just check your engine bay to identify the car, and as long as it isnt heavily modified, all you really need is pay rego/stamp duty and change over and youre good to go. Im very happy with it, only problem is, i can stop speeding.

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    as far as the noise is concerned is it a clicking noise? that usually happens in twos? almost like the sound u hear when u torquing a nut/bolt?? if so my car makes the same noise apparently its the CV spline or whatever its called, it just needs to be lubed up. here's the link i found:
    Clicking noise from front driver's side wheel? - Mazdaspeed Forums

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