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    Hi guys, thought I would join this forum as im in the market for a Gen I MPS.

    I used to have a 230kw atw SP23 Turbo years ago, and have been missing the power of that so thought it was time to get back into a turboed car and am currently on the lookout for a very clean MPS in the Melbourne area. Are there any things in particular that I should look out for? I have looked at a few already and they have been rubbish to be honest. Planned mods are H&R springs with Bilstein B8's, and a RSWB. Then probably REM and CBE.
    '06 MPS 3

    '01 SP20

    '04 SP23 Turbo -SOLD

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    Heres a pic of my old SP23 Turbo. Great little car!

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    How the hell did you run 230 atw on a sp23?? What turbo did you have? Amazing. Also would love to see if the chassis became bent :P

    Are you looking for a 3 or 6?

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    Oh yea, welcome :P

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    Welcome mate good to have another Melb member here, where abouts in Melbourne are you? What type of MPS? colour preferences? standard or modded? and budget?

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    , with money and alot of Dyno time! I think it was at its peak for standard compression, running around 12-14psi. (it wasn't very reliable in the end), but was heaps of fun when it finally got traction.

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    Am looking at a BK MPS, and I like the Blue and Cosmic Blue colours. Preferably standard, budget, as little as possible! Im in the Eastern Suburbs.

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    Sure you don't want a 6? AWD traction!

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    Buy mine lol it's on car sales ZAZ-281

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    Hi and welcome!
    What is it with MPS owners being the the Eastern Suburbs

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