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Thread: Soon to be mps owner

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    Default Soon to be mps owner

    Hi guys and girls,

    Only found this site a couple of days ago and realised how much useful information is on here.

    I'm currently in the process of buying a mazda 3 bk series 2 mps sports.
    I've looked at a couple lately within the Sydney area all failing to be a clean and tidy mps.
    If anyone knows of a clean mps 2006-2008 model up for sale at the moment please let me know!
    Looking forward to posting about my future mps!


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    Hi mate how much u willing to spend?

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    At the moment I'm willing to spend around $16,500

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    I'm sure u can pick up a clean one for that amount easily.

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    What state u in?

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    Check this out looks clean and reasonably priced .

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    Love that colour blue but it's located about 5 hour drive from Sydney

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    actually 13 hours* lol

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    be patient with it better wait and grab a good one than rush and get a dodgy one

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    You're a 100 right. I've been looking for a while now but I'm sure the right one will come up soon!

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