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Thread: Soon to be an MPS6 Owner

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    hey there, so as the title says ill be in the market soon for an mps 6. Ive spent the last 5 yearss driver an 09 Lancer VRX. Did it up, all the works, then with a full license, I've developed a strong craving for a turbo. The MPS seems like the best option, a bit of luxury, can get at a good price, and heaps of potential under the hood.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me in searching for a MPS 6, anything i should look out for? There seems to a recurring theme of same brake problem, but other than that is there anything i need to be aware off.

    Was also wondering in terms of modifications if theres any good mechanics to go to, for flash retune and various engine modifications. There are some good places in sydney that have come up, but can't seem to find anything decent in Victoria. Any info would be much appreciated.


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    There's not a whole lot to watch out for:

    - engine mounts are pretty common but not a huge issue
    - AWD transfer case needs to be checked - expensive to replace if it runs out of oil and goes bang
    - check for a puff of smoke from exhaust on cold start, and excessive vibes at around 3,500 during warm up
    - listen for timing chain rattle, shouldn't be excessive
    - let it idle for 10 mins and watch for smoke ( turbo seals are common )
    - brakes as you noted but isn't really a major issue, just sounds horrid when you move off if it's stuck

    If it's been looked after properly they are a pretty tolerant car.

    As far as mechanical / mods, there isn't really any very experienced MZR mechanics around, but lots of forum members are pretty well versed if you needed advice.

    Let us know what you end up buying. There's a couple of members cars up for sale - @Jmac & @Fats are selling theirs due to family expansion and requiring something bigger. That would be a good option if it hasn't sold already.

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    Pretty much what ^^ said
    Spend the money now and get it checked Maybe by mazda will save you later on.

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    Some good mods are
    Cobb Accessport port,DP,SRI,HPFP on a stage 2 Cobb map will net good results

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    I couldn't find a good mechanic either - so I'm getting one of the guys here to install my mods (in Vic).

    There are some people who will recommend the hpf in Vic....but then a lot who will not.

    If you are serious about modding then get about $6-7k lined up.

    I'm doing 3x engine mounts, rear diff mount, rear sway bar, Sri, tip, dp, hpfp, intercooler, front rotors and pads, rear pads, tune, access port.

    I would point out that a lot of people recommend getting the engine mounts and diff done regardless...

    Let us know how you go

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    thanks for the info guys. Yeah would be happy to check out any cars for sale. And in terms of putting money into it, thats pretty much the plan lol, im selling my 09 vrx, so shouldnt have to spend any money getting the mps, selling off some of the mods from the vrx and using that money to go straight into the mps.

    Are there many victoria meets? would love to come check out some of the 6s going round

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    No meets scheduled this side of Xmas, but will be in Mid-late Jan when everyone is back from holidays.

    In the meantime @tangcla is organising a photo shoot somewhere in Melb - you should check out some of his work and get some pics of your machine done.... Well worth it!

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    Yeah, mines still up for sale. Let us know if you are interested in looking at it

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    We are selling it since we bought a CX9 GT for baby duties, dont need 3 cars - well there are about 6 in the driveway .

    Thats the link^
    Not really negotiable but if it goes to an OZMPS member Ill let it go for $15.5k with a roadworthy.
    We will be leaving for Sydney this coming Friday so if you are interested get in contact via carsales
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    @SILK - @Jmac and @Fats are trusted & respected members of the OzMPS community and are as fussy with their MPS as I am with mine. I recommend you PM them and arrange a test drive\inspection if you are seriously looking to buy.

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