Hey All,

--- Just wanted to introduce myself... Been fishing around on here quietly for a while now just listening and learning all I can before I go shopping for my MPS.

I currently drive an '01 Astina SP20 which I have owned for the past 2.5 years on my green P's. Didn't really go into too much depth on that car with subtle mods such as front lip, touchscreen unit, tints, black wing, roof racks, hid's, springs and shocks, sway bar and links etc. etc.

BUT!! the time has come to part ways and go with my heart and get myself an MPS

Getting a basic feel for other cars such as WRX's and Silvia's... just didn't cut it for me. I really cant say no to the love I have of the MPS. Both appearance and performance wise they get me excited

I currently have a basic knowledge of what to look for and am aware of the problems that can arise in future.. Whether I end up with and 3 or 6 is unsure at the moment.. I guess at this point I was hoping any of the most experienced mps6 member could fill me in on what else usually needs replacing as apposed to the mps3 .

I have some great friends who are willing to help me in the purchasing of my new ride so they will also be a part of what direction I head.