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    Hi all ... My husband has a 2011 3 MPS. He does FIFO so I get to drive it. Yay for me! We are having trouble with the engine light constantly coming on (orange) - five times this year with the most recent two weeks apart. Each time nothing is found. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We are Bne southsiders.

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    What do you mean by "Each time nothing is found."
    does it mean you've had it read but there is nothing to read, or you've tried to find if something wrong and you can't find anything?

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    Thanks for your welcome. Each time the Mazda tech has analysed he has said no fault code was given. Going back in on Tuesday and husband back from site so he will be able to grill far better

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    Hi there, I'm the weirdo in the Red Mazda that gave you the card outside Grumpy ' s.

    Glad you made it onto the forum.

    If you have a chance to talk to them at Mazda, as for the error codes you were getting.

    It may look like this' P2096' or something similar.

    Then we can shed some more light on the issue.
    @MissJody9 had some "challenges" with Grand Prix Mazda a few years ago, but I believe she's error free now.

    When the error comes up again, let us know. We can meet you at Grumpy Espresso and plug in a device that interrogates the engine management system. It's completely harmless, won't affect your warranty.

    Good luck.

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    Long live the Redbull ... V2

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    Thank you! Master 7 was excited to talk "racing cars" with you too. He clutched your card all the way to school. K

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