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Thread: New member 2013 Mazda 3 MPS

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    Default New member 2013 Mazda 3 MPS

    Hey guys/girls proud new owner of a 2013 mps currently no performance work done so its at stock standard - only a couple body mods done. Have had the MPS for roughly 1 month now and noticed this forum. I have read some great discussions on performance and body styling for the MPS so thought I'd join and get your opinions and advice and return my 2cents as well.

    I'm very keen on doing performance and body upgrades to the car and already have a number of things on order.
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    Hello and welcome

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    We also have a Facebook page in the same name.
    Keep an eye out for our casual meets and cruises.

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Can I ask what's on order?

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    So far majority of products I've ordered is just cosmetic but several performance parts to

    - License plate 00.MPS
    - I've recently got my roof vinyled
    - GoFastBits BoV
    - Boot liners/boot protectors
    - Tein Coilovers
    - Sway bar
    - Turbosmart mechanical boost gauge
    - Tail light tints / decal & badge dip

    Im just experimenting with the look a bit at the moment just waiting for a couple things to arrive.

    Cant decide on where I want to get the exhaust & tune? the tune worries me abit because even if I can reverse it in case of a warranty repair Mazda will notice its been touched. I don't know if the new mps models have many faults so I'm scared to lose that warranty.

    Ive also considered a K&N Cold air intake but ive been told it will give me no benefits over stock?

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    Most power parts won't give you much benefit unless you tune for it..

    Sounds like a pretty good list of parts though!

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    Welcome & Enjoy

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    Welcome !!! Never be Afraid

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    Go the Corksport intake, great sound from it.
    Easy to change back to stock intake in about 30 mins (you get good at it lol)

    Gfb products are top notch too. Which bov did you get?

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    Whoops double post
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    Welcome, nice list of parts on order, if your worried about warranty then engine mods are off the table as car needs to be tuned for them as well as the SRI.
    MRT ofer some sort of Warrenty if things go wrong with there tunes etc if your all cashed up

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    I ended up getting the GFB bov from MRT and installed it. Ive held off installing things currently..

    full turbo back exhaust, tune cobb v3, coilovers, sway bars, cold air intake , Intercooler, bump steer correction - Ive got a quote which will hit me almost $9000 in the pocket im less worried about the money and more worried about the warranty lol... Not sure how often MPS have issues? Ive gone to about 5-6 of the best performance shops in Sydney area and they have all given roughly the same quote

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    This is a recent photo including everything Ive done which is currently not much but

    - Plasti dipped all badges
    - Red mist vinyl tail lights
    - Vinyl roof
    - Brembo gold caliper paint + logo MPS
    - Rear boot exterior protectors & interior boot liner
    - 00.MPS Rego
    - GFB BoV
    - ARK Design STB Turbo Timer
    - TurboSmart Boost gauge
    - Window tints

    A couple additional non performance parts im installing are

    - Exhaust tip, looking for a unique colored tip can't seem to find one
    - Bonner lift kit, as you know mazda has the old plug bonnet holder
    - Front & Rear park sensors
    - Front / side / rear lips
    - MPS bonnet sticker like on the previous gen, I'm actually getting it custom made since I cannot find it ready to buy.

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