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Thread: My 6 MPS and I are new to the club!

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    Default My 6 MPS and I are new to the club!

    Hi Guys,

    I drive a red 2006 MPS 6, and I love it to bits (my misses thinks im weird...). It has been in the family since new but I managed to get my hands on it about a year and a bit ago.

    The mods so far:
    • cobb AP
    • corksport SRI & TIP
    • corksport SRI Box
    • turbosmart dual port bov
    • cpe downpipe
    • side vent gauge pod (from a guy off the mazdaspeed forum)

    Im in Sydney and looking forward to a meet and greet or cruise just to get to know some of you guys.

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    Welcome to the forum mate!

    did you do the mods or one of the family members?

    look forward to seeing you at the next meet!

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    Thanks for the welcome guys!

    I got the car stock, did all the additions myself although didn't want to attempt the downpipe install....being a novice it could have been very messy!

    I'll put up a some photos hopefully tomorrow

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    Welcome to the family, nice car you got there!
    I'll be organizing a meet soon, hopefully you can make it!

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