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Thread: New 08 MPS 3 owner from NZ

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    Default New 08 MPS 3 owner from NZ

    Hey everyone

    Have been a member of this forum for a few months now, just learning and reading. Have to say this is a really good forum!
    So anyway just purchased my 08 MPS3 today and pick it up tuesday! Cant wait, absolutely mint car and pulls like a freight train. This is my first turbo car, and coming from my cl1 Accord Euro R its certainly different.

    No major mods on the cards yet, but a rear sway bar and rear engine mount are on the list, and possibly a chip tune from torque performance in Auckland. If any mps owners from auck nz have had this done it woulf be great to hear some feedback.

    Anyway looking forward to learning more, hopefully meeting other mps owners in nz and learning about my new car. Im stoked!


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    Welcome man, fellow nzer on here. Have you looked at a Cobb access port? That way it can change tunes depending on your mods as you go on. Probably heaps of v2 versions floating around on here

    i have a jbr 70 durometer rear engine mount, a few months old. Starting to get used to the vibrations!

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    Welcome. What color?

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    Also a Auckland MPS owner.
    installed HPFP and loaded on stage 2 cobb maps. Goes 10x better now.

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