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Thread: Lumos - '06 6 MPS

  1. Default Lumos - '06 6 MPS

    Time to make an intro thread me thinks.

    First off, a confession. This isn't my car. I WISH it was my car, I drive it like my car. But it's not, it's my girlfriends.
    She doesn't really DO forums but she might post from time to time, the main reason for joining is to get advice on mods and whatnot...the usual
    I drive a pretty slow 4x4 so I get all my go fast out of my system by driving Lumos hahah

    Because I know for a fact I hate threads without pics...

    First picked up


    most important mod


    It now has...
    Grey bonnet stripes, all interior lighting updated to white led, white led parkers and licence plate lights.
    Red callipers, lower profile tyres, RGB LED footwell lighting. Oh and a custom missing tow hook cover courtesy of a "too slow" curlew.

    Getting all the cheap cosmetics out of the way before we start burning money lol
    I'll probably make a build thread later on but for now...HI GUYS

    Note... I already wrote this thread up but it disappeared after hitting submit. So if a dupe pops up if the mods could delete that would be swell.

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    Hehe.. It was a mod who made it disappear... Sorry mate. But it should be back...

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