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Thread: New to OZMPS

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    Default New to OZMPS

    Hi guys,

    Bought myself a 2008 Mazda 3 MPS Sport last week. Hand down this is one of the best cars I have ever driven, hope to see all you other MPS owners from the QLD area around, dont be scared to give a wave


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    Default New to OZMPS

    Welcome mate, lots happening in QLD. Be sure to give @MissJody a shout, our QLD regional coordinator!

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    Welcome aboard.

    If you wanted to meet a whole lot of us at once, plus come for some free sausage come down to Byron for a BBQ... At Bryon - Come see the Benders! Sat 21/Sep/2013

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    Hello and welcome.

    Be sure to check out the QLD section of the forum.

    Few things coming up

    Bryron bay 20/09
    Fulcrum suspension day 28th sept
    Dyno day 2nd nov

    If you need help finding these holla at me.

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    Awesome! will keep in touch as much as I can, hopefully get some stickers soon to represent ozmpsclub

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    Hey and welcome :-)

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    Welcome!B-) enjoy

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    Welcome to OzMPS.
    On 28th sep there is Circuit & Coffee on out at QR. Unfortunately the event is booked out but you can come along spectate and meet a couple of us if you want

    Know of anyone else going @2XS?


    Oh, what colour MPS?

    I've got 2008 sports pack in Metro grey. Love the 08 sports model, great choice!
    --> 2008 Metro Grey Sports Pack Gen1 <--

    CS SRI ll CS TIP ll CS AB ll 2XS SSP ll 2XS FMIC ll SURE Anchors ll Enkei RPF1's 17x9 +45 ll Lamin-X Fog Tint ll DBA T3 4000 series ll Remsa pads ll Braided lines
    CP-E S2 RMM ll Hankook RS3 235/40/17 ll Forge V1 BPV ll Whiteline RSB ll AutoTech HPFP
    ll Spin-on Conversion ll Rear Diffuser
    DGR Coilovers ll LED Replacement lights ll "08-MPS" plates ll Cobb AP V3 (E85) ll CP-e TBE ll OCC

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    Quote Originally Posted by GibbA View Post
    Know of anyone else going @2XS?
    Mitch is going, but, as a passenger in an XR5.
    I know of a few XR5 boys going too.
    2009 Jamboree Street Compact Winner
    Aust. Quickest and Fastest MPS
    12.3 seconds @ 111Mph.
    Proven over the Qtr mile

    Another Mazda 3 MPS - Almost fully bolted - Waiting for a turbo upgrade - The weekend hack.
    Toyota Yaris - Coilovers, rollcage, raceseats, harnesses, 18s - Also waiting for a turbo upgrade.
    2011 AWD Territory - White and Slightly lowered on 22s - The tow car.
    2011 RWD Territory - Black on black and slammed on 22s - The family transporter.

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