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Thread: Hello from future MPS 3 owner

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    Yep not legal but can be fixed with camber
    Why Ecutek and not Cobb?
    need at least an 18 by 8 plus 40 to avoid poke

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    @ preference to Ecutek, probably have just read more on Ecutek than Cobb.
    Will do more research before I do anything.........

    What would you recommend in regards to camber? I really like the wheels but don't want to draw the crabs
    I'm pretty much a numpty when it comes to wheels lol and when it comes to camber im picturing those stanced bloody cars.......

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    If your not going to lower the car would only need -1 deg of camber in front and rear
    but if you lower her u will need at least a -2 or more
    I run a -2 in the rear no probs.
    i have a Ecutek tune before u spend$ PM me And I will discuss with you if you like

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    Don't stress too much about poke as it can be fixed very easy

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    not lowering the car at this stage....will find somewhere to adjust it an expensive thing to get adjusted or is it easy to do yourself?
    I'l PM you when i read up about Cobb

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    Pretty straight forward, my camber adjustment was done with coilovers, any suspension shop can easily advise.Camber arms should do the trick.

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