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Thread: Another MPS3 owner smilin

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    Default Another MPS3 owner smilin

    Hi all, had a few great performance cars in my time but my hat is off to the mps. Bought it in Tassie was originally a NSW car I have most of the cars history. Mods existing are new sway bar links std struts and a new turbo at 66k it now has 84k and today I deleted the coolant bypass and opened up the base of the std airbox. First Q I have is once I removed the computer plugs I notices a couple of cut spliced wires into the loom can anyone shed some light into what sort of aftermarket flash it may have had and or a way of telling if it has non factory maps uploaded? I have no boost gauge yet but feels strong and linear. overall great understated daily driver and weekend warrior jeckyl/hyde hybrid. It has a split dump and a 3" exhaust. I would like some input on the best bang for buck rear mount upgrade be mindful I have plenty of debts and kids. Is the rear mount insert good enough??PS any other members in North Tassie? Thanks in advance people.

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    Welcome Alan!

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    Welcome to the forum mate!

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    Welcome, not too many from Tassie on here,
    Spliced wire could have been a Haltech or something which is pretty rare as most people on here have an Ap or dyno tuning done here. What maps are currently on there I don't think there is a way of knowing.
    For motor mounts have a look a Edge one of our sponsors ,JBR motor mounts are the most popular here or CPE.
    With all your mods I recommend you get a Cobb app there will be a heap flooding the forum soon that way you can read your cars vitals and load a tune or start Etuning.
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    Welcome to OzMPS.
    +1 on recommending the Cobb AP, and rem is def a good idea, any of the ones that @chef mentioned are good, just steer clear of SURE motorsports.
    Also, you say you have a split dump pipe and catback, if the car doesn't already, you SHOULD get Hi Pressure Fuel Pump internals upgrade.
    I'm not sure how you check but you should look into this as it could just save your engine. (Perhaps for the piece of mind a Cobb AccessPort could be a good idea to see what your fuel pressure is doing. Should be >1600psi @ WOT)

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    Thanks chef and Gibba, I have roamed the site and the AP will suit my application as yes FP is critical and is boost psi both of which I can access live data on. I live about 10 min from the sidling ( good stage on targa) but I am holding back on wot until I am sure its not leaning out. I will can the stand alone boost gauge and save for an AP thanks for the tips.

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    Just work out your needs. If you think a V2 ap will fill them you should be able to pick one up pretty cheap, but if you want to do a bit of monitoring of a few parameters, then the V3 is the goods. Can monitor up to 6 diff parameters.
    I was going to buy gauges but saved myself some dough and just ordered the new AP instead.

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