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Thread: New member... thinking of mods

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    Default New member... thinking of mods

    New guy here, got my 2006 mps a couple of months ago and am now thinking of doing a couple of mods. Was wondering if anyone has some ideas, not looking to do anything drastic like a fmic or aftermarket turbo but yeh any ideas would be great

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    hi and welcome

    Mods are all about what you want out of the car and what your budget is like.

    Did you get a 3 or a 6?

    some of my fav bang for buck mods have been:
    - Cobb Accessport (power)
    - Rear Sway Bar (handling)
    - shifter bushings and short shift plate (shifter feel)
    - resonator delete (sound )
    - Short Ram Intake (spool sound and response)


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    That's true, well I don't have a huge budget and was looking for some cheapish mods to make a little bit of power and maybe a bit better handling. Just sharpen the edge a little if you know what I mean.

    I got a 3 Gen 1 and absolutely love it!

    I'll have a look around at those mods, thanks

    The guy I bought it off chucked a short shift plate in it and a pod filter. I was definitely thinking of putting either a box around the pod filter or buying a whole new one and the box in a package and piping it myself. I've felt the filter after a drive and it gets terribly hot and doubt its very good for performance or my engine.

    Thanks again
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    Best two pieces of advice,
    1. Trawl the forums for information
    2. Find out when the next cruise or meet is, go along and talk crap with the guys about mods and what does/does not work

    Oh and check this out! might find some of the info helpful

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    If your a tight arse then ebay DP and second hand Ap

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    AP port +HPFP and brakes and RSB/chassis bracing.. Don't forget good tyres!

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    My 1st mods were cosrksport SRI TIP cold air box and Hypertech max energy sport tuner; Hypertech made a big difference over stock and has an option for aftermarket intakes. I never get sick of the subtle woosh of the corksport...

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