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    hey all,

    well i don't even own a MPS or even have my blacks to drive one yet, which ill be able to go for next month, anyway im 20 and living in sydney, i currently drive a 06 Subaru impreza, and am looking to upgrade to turbo when i get my blacks, im torn between a wrx or a MPS, i like mazda for the sporty look and comfort, and wrx for the sound lol, i really don't have a clue of what the MPS are like so any info on them would be useful, im will to spend up to 20k one which hopefully will net me one i can keep for a while, so if anyone is looking to sell theirs hit me up one day.

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    Hey mate, same boat as me! lol
    Welcome to OzMPS. Heaps of info here about MPS's, pretty much everything you'd wanna know.
    There a quite a few people here that have chosen MPS over WRX so i'm sure they can give you their views =]

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    One of the reasons we chose an MPS over a WRX was due to not many MPS's on the road. Everyday I see a ton of WRX's cruising around, but only a 1 or 2 MPS's a week, bit of an exclusive feeling.

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    +1 and the MPS 6 has a bit of stealth to it .. Not many people know about the turbo lurking in the engine bay.

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