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Thread: new mps owner needs help

  1. Angry new mps owner needs help

    hi...just bought a 2006 mps with about in brilliant cosmetic condition, has had a heavy duty clutch installed and appeared to be unmolested....

    after purchasing it at a dealer in penrith (i live 100km+ away on the central coast) its started to make a bit of a grinding noise under heavy accelaration---i thought it was turbo related but not having had a turbo car before i was i had intended at some point to return it to the dealer to get it looked at under warranty....but then disaster struck....the rear end started to wobble and move around to the point i felt unsafe driving it---i limped to a local mechanic who informed me the diff cradle had snapped---and showed me evedence of a previous repair in the same area---and told me not to drive it

    as you can imagine the penrith dealer tried to worm out of getting it towed the 100+kms back but 5 days later was left with no choice to do so and it was towed.....

    i gave the dealer a list of things i considered to be the issues and expected them to be 100% repaired before i made the 2 hour journey to pick it up...the list included the diff cradle,passnenger door central locking, rear leaking shock replaced and an investigation of the mysterious grinding noise under heavy accelaration described earlier

    well after many emails and phone calls and close to 4 weeks later today i negotiated to meet them at the halway point with the car at hornsby...all correspondance during the ridiculouly long repair period was of course left up to me---otherwise i would of never heard of them (the dealers customer service standards are another story all together let me tell you!)

    despite meeting them with a filthy dirty car which i at least thought they wouldve washed i was initially pleased as it appeared all the issues had been solved however after having driven it home the 50 odd kms i am suspicious of what they have done to solve the "grinding noise"....and this is where i need some opinion......

    the car still has a similar although much less noticeable grinding type noise and it still only seems to happen under heavy accelaration....but strangely the car does not seem to have the same rush or urgency that it had prior to me giving it up for repair when it did make the rather noticeable it likely they have reduced the boost of the turbo to hide the fact that there is a problem with it and to avoid replacing/ repairing the turbo??? i have though of approaching the mechanic they used to do the repair and ask for a copy of the work completed....

    and can anyone tell me if i have a legitimate claim to have my legally required 3 months warranty extended by 4 weeks given the the dealer had my car for almost 4 weeks to make the repair??

    hopefully someone can help me as i have a feeling i am having the wool pulled over my eyes in a big way!



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    i had an issue with my 3. got it resolved with a dealer in qld so not exactly the same but... I'd recommend that you take the car to a mechanic that you trust and get him to go over the car with a fine tooth comb ( obviously at your cost). if anything is found, contract the dealer asap. the dealer won't like it but who cares. that's the cost of doing business.

    also in qld the warranty period gets extended by the duration your car is being repaired. if they give you grief, let them knows that you know your rights and you'll contract fair trading.

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    dealer is obligated to pay for towing if car is unsafe or not road worthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by o0 Matt 0o View Post
    Motor vehicle warranties - NSW Fair Trading

    dealer is obligated to pay for towing if car is unsafe or not road worthy.
    If a vehicle cannot be driven because it is not roadworthy or has a defect covered by consumer guarantees and the vehicle has to be towed to the dealer or a repairer, the dealer may be obliged to pay the cost of transportation.
    key word: may be obliged

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    If you are in doubt, just approach the mechanic they used to fix it. Don't see why you can't or shouldn't do that........although the mechanic might be connected to the dealer somehow and might give you dodgy answers (if and only if they agreed to fix up your car dodgily)

    As for feeling slower than before, have you check your engine oil dipstick? If they have change the oil and overfill it, it will cause the same effect. Most likely not the case, but hey it cost nothing to check that yourself

    Last option, is as what o0 Matt 0o said, get your trusted mechanic to go over the car (although this does not guarantee they will find problems that's there)
    When in doubt, power out....of control.

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    Or you can try to meet up with a few experienced owners here and pick their brains to see if they know what it is???

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    @laser been, good pickup. i retract my statement about towing. when i read that statement i read are obligated not may by obliged. two different phrases with two different meanings.
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    hi....the good news is they paid for towing and returned my vehicle halfway home.....i still want an explanantion for the noise i get under heavy accelaration....whatever they did while they had the car has drastically reduced the noise....but its still could of course be related to the diff problem which is now resolved

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    Don't stuff around - just go directly to consumer affairs and/or fair trading and get advice on exactly what your entitlements are before any time slips away... Make sure you log EVERY interaction.

    If the dealer knows you are talking to CA they might prefer to just fix it properly and fulfil their obligations.

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