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Thread: Hello there!!

  1. Default Hello there!!

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to WA & have just bought me a 2009 3 MPS, it is a great car & really please with it. I have never owned a Mazda as i am a old school Ford man at heart, I'm from the Uk & drove a Sierra Cosworth back there so whatever i was going to buy out here HAD to be a turbo!!

    I'm loving the Mazda thou its great fun to drive but I was wondering if any one can recomend where i could get my car tuned up in WA more power would be great, any tips about the car in general, ie problems, i have heard the timing chains are prone to streching when tuned???

    Any advise would be greatfully recived, thanks & hello again!!

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    Welcome mate and congrats on the car! Plenty of good info re tuning and mods on this site, there might even be a WA tuning thread iirc.

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    Cheers pal, will browse n see what I can find out :-)

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