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    Hey all

    hello to everyone. Im Kenan, owner of a 2011 red MPS. car is stock standard and has 20k on the clock.
    Ive been directed here by Caffeine Fiend from detail paradise.

    Car has been great so far, use it as a daily. Only issue ive had is a rattle from drivers side dash. Its louder during winter and mornings, when the car is cold.

    Just want to share with you how i came about buying this car.

    Bought the car by luck, wasnt actually looking for it. I wanted a wrx so I went to subaru at Petersham. Got the usual talk from the sales man. The car i was looking at was in the showroom so i asked him to open the boot (we were expecting our first child so space was important). He told me the battery was dead so he couldnt open the boot. I though wtf, u trying to sell a car or what? Then after some talk i asked if we could take one for a drive. I couldnt believe the response i got, "you shouldn't need to take this car for a drive to buy it, it sells itself". I thought, F U u dk head, im out of here. As i walked out of the showroom i look at the mazda dealer next door and spot the red mps with the huge scoop, walked in to mazda, looked at the car for a few mins, asked if i can test drive and got given the keys. After some negotiating the deal was done.

    So far the car has been fun (besides the rattle) and ive tested its capabilities a few times. I love the fact that when you give it, u gotta hold on.

    anyhow, thats it from me,

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    Also, re the rattle from dash, i reported this to Mazda during the last service. They wanted to remove the dash which i said no way. Im sure this would cause ore noises than the 1 i have atm.

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    You'll be cursing Dan soon enough, go on first cruise, hear mods, empty wallet

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    Welcome, another Sydney member! Hope to see you at our cruises and social meets.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I had a dash rattle really bad same as yours when I first bought my Gen 1 new early 2007.

    They said it was the air vent ducts when I picked it up after getting them to look at it and whatever they did it has never come back.

    Mind you now I have all aftermarket engine mounts everything

    Hope this helps and have fun with your new car

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