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Thread: Hello All :)! New Mazda 6 MPS owner here

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    Default Hello All :)! New Mazda 6 MPS owner here

    Hello all

    A little about myself

    My first car was a little MX5, Unfortunately I have more than 1 friend.
    So that got sold and I got myself a Mazda 3 (just the base standard model)
    Sold that also and got myself a Mazda 3 SP23
    and recently sold that and I test drove the older Mazda 3 MPS & The newer one (which I didn't like)
    Drove the Mazda 6 MPS and I was in love

    A little about my car, Shes Dark Maroon/Purple has 90,000kms on the clock and stock standard.

    I have a few mods in mind
    Front Mount
    Turbo Timer&Boost Gauge
    Tinted Windows + Get the wheels painted gloss black

    I was talking to a guy who owns a Mazda 3 MPS and he told me just to keep the car stock as he said he wish he had of just kept his stock, Although he had spent ALOT of money on it (Kept ranting about how weak the car is ect ect can anyone shed some light on this)

    Well, Thats the end of my huge welcome speech

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    Hey hey fellow coaster!

    Look forward to seeing you around. Us newby's have to have a meet up with the Brisbane ones soon since theres now 2 of us in the past week or so

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    Default Re: Hello All :)! New Mazda 6 MPS owner here

    Hey mate. Welcome.

    If you're worried about modifying intake, exhaust turbo or fuel system, these cars respond well to handling and braking mods.

    Rear sway bar, rear engine mount, springs and shocks, maybe bracing.

    Then rotors and pads if you're keen for track or are just a spirited driver.

    All of it reversible.

    Loosers like me went for noise first, new full 3" exhaust and turbo down pipe. Sounds awesome...

    Check out my Signature for upcoming events. A bit happening in Feb.

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    Default Hello All :)! New Mazda 6 MPS owner here

    Most of us r keen for the odd meet up and cruise mate so catching up with everyone can be easy.................sometimes. Where u at? Brisbane or goldy?

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    Woot another 6mps owner, welcome, we're taking over the world soon.
    Cheers Todd

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    Default Hello All :)! New Mazda 6 MPS owner here

    Welcome to the clan. Not sure what is supposedly so weak as mine hasn't missed a beat. Same colour too! Enjoy.

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    Default Hello All :)! New Mazda 6 MPS owner here

    Nice choice of automobile mate

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