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Thread: New 6 MPS Owner Brisbane

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    Default New 6 MPS Owner Brisbane

    Hi all,

    I bought an 05 6 MPS (POVO PACK), black with 60,000km in Dec 2012. I LOVE it . I've never been on a forum before but have found you guys very helpful in reading the threads. You will have to possibly excuse my probably frequent cock ups on forum etiquette.

    I'll update my profile soon, I just need to find some time to sit dowm and go through it.

    I hope to get involved and get around to meeting other owners and learning off them, going for cruises and sharing ideas.

    Look forward to getting to know some of you.

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    Default New 6 MPS Owner Brisbane

    Welcome to the club matey!

    Top choice of vehicle! I'm sure you will enjoy it and best of luck once you catch the modification bug!!

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    Default Re: New 6 MPS Owner Brisbane

    No need to worry about not being on a forum before, just keep a sense of humour, don't get a massive ego and don't deliberately give out false information, have no issues

    Enjoy the place, plenty of helpful, knowledgeable and fun people who are more than happy to inform you of the best way to empty your wallet
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    Default New 6 MPS Owner Brisbane

    Welcome mate

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    Default Re: New 6 MPS Owner Brisbane

    60k on the clock for an 05 make? That's ridiculous!

    Welcome mate, hope you enjoy your stay here. 6 MPS represent!

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    Default Re: New 6 MPS Owner Brisbane

    Welcome mate. Another MPS6 is always welcome in Brissy.

    Check out my signature for up coming events. We certainly need spectators at the QR Sprint night coming up.

    As Mr Cheese has suggested, stay safe, especially with a name like that... One thing at a time...

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    Welcome, another MPS6 in Brizzy, WOOT,
    Cheers Todd

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    Default New 6 MPS Owner Brisbane


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    Thanks guys for the warm welcome. I'm sure I will be seeing some of you around real soon.

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