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Thread: Wrx to an 06 mps!

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    Smile Wrx to an 06 mps!

    Hi Guys,

    Being a previous owner of a WRX I've decided to part ways with my AWD baby and bought a FWD 06 MPS (pics will be up soon)
    As much as I was sad in selling the rexy I was quite happy to own this little pocket rocket!
    With a few tasteful mods hopefully within the next couple of months she'll be a beast!!

    Anyway just seeing if anyone out there know someone selling shockies for the MPS? their abit expensive outright and I dont think I have enough finance to buy coilovers.
    The shockies on these ones are worn out and genuine parts are abit much IMO

    Cheers guys!

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    Default Wrx to an 06 mps!

    Welcome to the forum, nice purchase. If your in Sydney there's a meet tonight 7.30 at Harry's cafe in Liverpool. Feel free to come say hi and meet some members.

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    @Robmps sorry mate had to work late yesterday, got your message. Got the car back, goes like a rocket!!

    Mate welcome to forums, you will not be disappointed with the MPS!!

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    Default Re: Wrx to an 06 mps!

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    Welcome, I am a fellow ex-WRX owner... it seems to be the normal progression

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