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Thread: G'day from Sydney. Looking into a 6 MPS!

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    Default G'day from Sydney. Looking into a 6 MPS!

    Hi guys, name is Cam From Sydney! I am looking into a 6 MPS to replace my Fiesta which I will miss but it's time to move on, great fun car on the track and in the twisties but want something with some boost. Anyone got any ideas on what to look for when buying in these?

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    Hi mate I would try this thread when buying a car, some good info. The mps6 is a great car, boost feels great and it handles well, there are more powerfull cars out there but the mps6 'package' makes it as great daily and great to have a play with some times. Hope the link helps.

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    Default G'day from Sydney. Looking into a 6 MPS!

    First place to start will be to look at mine, which is up forsale..... :-);sort=default

    or Search for the rego MA12EE on Carsales or Countrycars


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    Thanks for that Timmy that's exactly what I was after.

    I saw one for sale as I drove through Lithgow to Bathurst last Friday(23rd) think it may have been yours, when I saw it I thought maybe they would be a good buy.

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