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Thread: Black on Black 06 MPS 3

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    Wow that is pretty bad, I never owned a std Gen 1, ordered it with exhaust and Tune and on a bad week with a track day I would still get around 400 to 450k's and the best I got was 720 using 49.7ltrs coming back from Bathurst. We have just bought a new Gen 2, 4 months ago and we are getting 600k's plus easy and is stock std....

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    Default Re: Black on Black 06 MPS 3

    Jeez, I get 350km out of a tank (50L) with a reasonably heavy right foot and a e85 tune...

    Got something to check parameters? Things like AFR's and boost?
    Also, do you do a heap of stop start driving? Or mostly highway?
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    All I know is that X-speed did the tunes before they went down, and the ad from which I bought it from mentioned having a reflash??. I do alot of stop start but nothing different to what i'd do in my wrx which i'd easily get 400kms out of. I understand they do have their differences but it seems a bit much. I will be booking it in to ASG for retune soon but just seeing if its an unusual thing or very commen. by the looks of it not very common at all.

    I LOVE this car but with a baby in the picture its not very practical without 2 full wages, and considering sale unless it can be fixed and selling is the last thing I want to do!!

    Anyone recommend ITP? rather than travelling all the way to malaga to ASG, when I live down the road from intune?

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