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Thread: Hi im Alex

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    Cool Hi im Alex

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm a newbie here but really eager to become part of the community.
    I have to confess, I'm not currently a Mazda MPS owner but have a Mazda '02 323 Sports Edition due to the fact I'm still on my greens..
    Any who, I decided it was time to say hi instead of just lurk around reading these forums (something which I have done a TON of) and maybe get to know you guys a bit.
    I'm from Maitland area and am doing Civil Engineering at Newcastle UNI
    I wish I knew half the stuff you guys know, but I'm keen to learn as much as I can, so I tell myself, just read read read and you will learn..

    Anyway got a couple quick shots of the car this morning, (sorry for the bad phone quality. Had to make them a ton smaller to upload too, not sure how to upload a nice quality pic...).EDIT- FIgured it out below

    I Know its high, slow and cheap but who didn't love their first car just because its YOUR car =]

    No mods, money is being saved for my future MPS!
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    Welcome! Not a bad first car, mine was a Mazda rx7 series 4 and I was stupid enough to spend heaps of money on it haha

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    wow, those photos are terrible
    and yes, reading is very important
    enjoy your stay!

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    I think ive found how to do this properly..

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    Hi Alex and welcome!

    That isn't a de-stickered SP20 is it? My GF used to own a SP20, brilliant little car.

    Glad you took the time to introduce yourself and not continue lurking.

    Yes mate read up on info but also don't be afraid to get your head under the bonnet/exterior/interior and poke around. Not necessarily to modify but from a maintenance/cleaning stand-point.

    I pulled apart the dashboard of my first car (Nissan Pulsar) and changed the lighting on the dials, pulled out all the seats and centre console, found some money and cleaned it all with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. I was 17/18 at the time and knew nothing.

    I got to where I am now (and plenty to still learn) by unscrewing/unbolting things out of curiosity...that, and I dislike being bored, hence I have a fair few aesthetic mods.

    Enjoy your stay and good luck saving for the MPS.


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    Na its not a de-stickered sp20. I think its pretty much the exactly same thing as the sp20, (same engine) but it has a different stock spoiler, think the suspension is a little different and a little bit nicer on the inside. They only hade 250 of these apparently.
    Yeah I pulled seats out and quite a bit of plastic and found a few $$ as well as quite a bit of rubbish.
    Really pulling things appart is the best way to learn because you learn as you go, but when it comes to the MPS, at the moment, all i can do is read.

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    If you want to read, have a glance at my rides thread if you like. Click the yellow RR on my sig

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    Welcome buddy. im in the hunter theres a Putty road run 4th november come and catch up ... and see if we can get some small meets happening up this way

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    Default Re: Hi im Alex

    Another hunter lad here..
    Would be awesome to get some thing goin up here, there is many a Mazda getting around I have noticed!!!

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    Welcome nice car

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    Default Re: Hi im Alex

    Thanks for the welcome, love how friendly everyone on here is.
    hey man, yeah i gathered you were up near around where i live. would love nothing more then to catch up on this drive but i cant do it this time but would love to have some meets up our way. would feel like a but of a fraud though as I'm aspiring to my MPS, dont actually own it yet.. honestly counting the days till my open license, only 280!!!

    Anyway as for the 'no mods, saving for my MPS', i should have a set of autoexe coilovers soon which may be fun to install....

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    Yeah i definately agree, something going up here would be sweet, that said i would prob benefit the most because i know very little compared to you guys!

    Thanks mate, it makes me smile to get a compliment like that on my 323 when on a MPS forum!! haha but thanks.

    Went to the Sydney Motor Show on saturday and man it was awesome!! Despite there being an Aston Martin One-77 there as well as 3 Lambos, the first car I went to find was this!

    Loving the white with black rims, looks so clean crisp and sporty. Definitely sets this one apart from the regular 3!
    Ended up doing 3 laps of the whole show, and every time i came around i had to take more pictures and have another sit in it.

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    Makes me want mine more now! Probs doesn't help that I drive past their Perth based storage yard every day I go to work, but meh...

    Cheers for the pics though looks hot!

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    haha, i bet that makes the waiting game quite painful... The time will come though! =]

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