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Thread: New Member from Victoria (warrnambool area) Hi all.

  1. Default New Member from Victoria (warrnambool area) Hi all.

    Just brought myself a 2006 Mazda6 MPS in grey.... with plans to building a race car. It has a FULL EXHAUST FITTED WITH BC COILOVERS SHOCKS, CP-e CAI, FORGE BPV, SLOTTED BRAKES, DEEP DISH WHEELS (19'S) and luxury pack. But after driving it I feel it's to nice a car to gut out and bolt in a Roll Cage.
    Anyhow I hope I can get some good advice on performance upgrades and modifications to do to the 6.

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    Welcome mate! Nice and low the way a 6 should be.

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    Do you have a side mount number plate? And have you been in the Ringwood Area in last 2 months...

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    hi mate - welcome - there are some quick 6's on here for sure, so i'm certain you'll find some friends in no time!

    look fwd to seeing it at a vic meet soon

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