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Thread: New MPS Owner

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedDjinn View Post
    Love the sound of the V8 ....... White MPS looks awesome
    Thanks mate

    [QUOTE][Looking good mate, pull out the good camera and snap some close ups of new parts... I'd oldies are keen to see the differences./QUOTE]

    I'll try get a some good photos soon once I give it a good going over.

    Congrats on picking up your new car!

    Any new changes inside aside from the USB connectivity?
    I'm not too sure what the old interior was but as far as I can tell it is just the USB (Which is in the centre console next to the AUX).
    I'll grab some photos of it hopefully over the weekend.

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    Hi welcome to the forum, so jelly bout the New look of the car just bought mine 2 months ago and don't have that preface yet Nice to see few more crystal white MPS but. Enjoy drive safe

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    Welcome mate, and congrats on the new ride! Looks sweet!

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