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Thread: Mazda 3 MPS owner very soon I hope!

  1. Default Mazda 3 MPS owner very soon I hope!

    Howdy All,

    Just want to say a quick gday. Been looking through the forum the past week and it seems as if you got a bunch of really cool ppl here.

    I'm an ex Evo VI owner (292hp atw), who started driving away for work so bought an Outlander. That era of my life is behind me now, and I've always loved the hot hatches. So was looking around at XR5T's, Golf GTI's & WRX's, but couldnt go past the Mazda 3 MPS.

    Test drove a few in Perth before I went back to work (On the mines, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off) and will hopefully find one a like when I get back. Only problem is there is only brand new or near new MPS' or older ones. Was hoping for a 2011 with 10,000 - 30,000km's around the $32k - $35k mark, but nup nothing! Must be a good sign that WA Mazda 3 MPS owners just love theirs too much to part with. So if the funds work out after a house sale, will look at getting that 2012 White MPS Series 2 Demo on car sales if I have to.

    See how I go. Nice to meet you all


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    Best of luck mate. Hopefully you get it before the cruise next month! ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EX-XR6T View Post
    Best of luck mate. Hopefully you get it before the cruise next month! ;-)
    I'm hoping so too. When is the cruise? I hope Im actually in town for it, considering I'm away half the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bRad View Post
    I'm hoping so too. When is the cruise?

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    GO THE MINERS !!!!!!! its a nice buy mate i got the older one 2006 and i love it, im week on week off for Barrick. Problem is i cant work out if i miss my car more or ummmmm the misses lol.....Good luck in the buy mate any questions message away.... and hello EX_XR6T Lee is better now so time i came out of my shell, buggar im gonna miss the cruise this MONTH god damn work Grrrrrrrrrr....Cheers......Dave

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    haha nice one Dave regarding 'go the miners' and great news regarding Lee!!! must be load off your mind.

    Will have to head down your way soon and say hi. Ive got exams next week but if all goes well will have a couple of weeks after that

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    Hi Brad

    You certainly wont regret purchasing the MPS.
    I took delivery of a brand new white 2012 MPS a couple of weeks ago and I loooooooove it!!!
    It is such a fun car to drive either in traffic or on the open road.
    I wake up everyday looking forward to the moment of hearing the car start up (a bit sad I know).
    Anyway I hope you don't have long to wait,


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    Hi and Welcome Brad

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

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    Thanks for the welcome people!
    There is a Silver 2009 Series 1 3 MPS 37,000km for $32,990 for sale now on car sales. Think its the one I test drove few weeks ago from Wangara.
    Its around the price I want to pay & not too many km's on it. Its not the Luxary model unfortunately & maybe a year or 2 older than I wanted, but might be the goods.
    Prob put an offer in on it when I get back to Perth next week & if theyoffer me a decent trade in price for my Outlander!

    Exciting times ahead!!

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    Hope that car works out.

    Welcome aboard!


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    So... Did ya get it?

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Hey all, YES I bought one!! On my last break, I flew in Wednesday night & by Thursday afternoon, had one in my driveway
    2009 Silver Mazda 3 MPS 39,000kms. Picked it up for $30k. Traded in my Outlander too.

    I love it! Enough power to satify the inner child, but great around town too. I've travelled roughly 1000kms in it & averaged 8.8L/100km! Loving that fuel economy!

    Will keep it stop for the time being, then will do some tasty mods intake/exhaust/ECU reflash

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome to the GenII club!!

    Peter "SLIXX"

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    Hey Brad, can't believe I missed this, nice purchase, hope you're enjoying it.


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    I missed this thread too! Welcome Brad and congrats on your MPS

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    Cheers guys, cant wait to fly back on Wed night to enjoy my new baby for 2 weeks

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