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Thread: G'day!

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    Default G'day!

    Can't tell you how stoked I was to find a group dedicated to the latest love of my life - my 07 Black Mica MPS 3!
    She wears private plates - EVILMPS - and Decepticon badges.
    I live in Perth, NOR and am keen to speak with any other lucky MPS owners who are keen to do some Cruising!
    Being a Muscle-Car owner as well (74 HQ Monaro GTS 2-door), and having all my automotive knowledge in old-skool cars, I'm very keen to find someone I can take my new baby to for after-market up-grades.
    The guys from MPS Garage have been very helpful with advice, but I still need to find someone to do the work. If anyone can help, I'd be grateful!

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    Welcome EVILMPS to OzMPSclub

    Make yourself at there are many members with the same passion for the Mazda MPS series.

    All your questions and additional information you required will be answered.

    Now spread the word.

    Happy Motoring

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