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    Hi All,
    Iím a new member in the ACT and the proud owner of a Mazda 3MPS Gen2 Luxury. I have owned the car for a couple of weeks now and loving it. The car is black with a few smaller mods completed by a previous owner a CAI, exhaust and plumb back BOV (that I know of).

    While owning the car for a few short weeks I've had a few interesting moments, the first one when turning left at a set of traffic lights my GF decided to plant her foot around the corner on the way home from the Transport Department after only just obtaining registration and nearly mounting the median strip. Secondly, on the first cold day my CEL turned on and it freaked me out. After chatting to a guy at work with a turbo RX8 he lent me his OBD2 tool and I found out the car was producing a P0421 error. After a night of stress and worry about the new baby, I found out that itís pretty common to though these types of errors if the exhaust has been changed. Since then I have brought a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter and downloaded the torque app to my phone and it works a treat (so glad I am an Android person after seeing the price of the apps on iTunes).

    I am a bit of a Mazda fan, in the past I have owned a ported and super fast RX7 S1 12a , turbo 626, turbo MX6 and RX7 S5 13bt and a CBR600RR (for summer).

    Anyway, I thought I would say hi since I have been a member for a few weeks and utilized the forum a far bit.

    So hi!!!

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    Welcome Matt, sounds like you've gone through the standard list of thinks with new MPS ownership. I've certainly had my share of gutter near misses.

    Lots of top members in the ACT. They'll make you feel welcome for sure.

    Enjoy the forum.

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    Hi and Welcome

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    Welcome to the forum mate

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    Nice choice of MPS

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    Woo more members! Hopefully you enjoy breakfasts aas well

    Also nice choice in bikes

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