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Thread: New member looking for some help on Mazda 6

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    Default New member looking for some help on Mazda 6

    Hi guys, I actually don't own a Mazda but a good friend of mine is looking for a workshop manual. He is looking for the Mazda 6 GH (2nd gen, Year 2008 and up) Workshop Manuals. Asia/Oceania JDM model.
    There should be a couple separate compilations like, Body Shop (which shows the fittings of the panels etc.), Electrical, and Workshop Manual (which is the real workings of the car).

    I've asked him to get the Haynes one but he is would only use it as a last resort.
    Should I call Mazda Service Centres and ask them? Any comments appreciated.
    I live in Victoria btw.

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    The Mazda manual costs some $155 to order. I think that if you donate to ozmps here, you have access to a download link for it.

    If someone can confirm that however, I am interested in dropping in a donation too if I can get a copy of this (GG3S MPS6 manual)

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    Yes it is in the members section, think its missing part 2 though..

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